Back to Tahquitz

There wasn’t much for getting out of San Diego in 2020. Once we got into the clear of covid and weather, a day of romping in Idyllwild for the first time in over a year was the priority.

With snow and melt still around the approach and features of the North and West walls, we headed for an onsight of Fingertrip. Swapping leads in 4 pitches, this was a wonderful, inspiring and comfortable return to Tahquitz.

Since our first trips to Tahquitz, we’ve had a few “fun” experiences trying different methods and routes for descent. A long double-backed hike down the north gully, questionable blind rappels and a slog or two. We finally found and utilized the “friction descent” on the south face. This dumped us right in front of the Left Ski Track, which Zach has been eager to jump on for over a year.

Finally, on the way out and back to the car, we stopped for a proper look up at the start of The Open Book area. Now THAT is an inspiring line. We’ll aim for the Traitor Horn and Whodunit this season as a lead up this ultra-mega classic later this fall. Yehaw.

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