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Back to Tahquitz

There wasn’t much for getting out of San Diego in 2020. Once we got into the clear of covid and weather, a day of romping in Idyllwild for the first time in over a year was the priority. With snow and melt still around the approach and features of the North and West walls, weContinue reading “Back to Tahquitz”

The Sleeping Giant

El Cajon Mountain is in east San Diego. It’s a local jewel of sport and mixed climbing, with many local400-foot classics and test pieces, and it’s the dopest sport crag you’ll ever hate hiking to. My first multipitch and independent climbing explorations happened out at ECM, so when we heard about a new 10-pitch lineContinue reading “The Sleeping Giant”

East Face of Mt. Whitney

Joining The Lineage of Sierra Alpinists In the wee hours of August 21st, 2019 my partner and I made our way upstream along the N. Fork of Lone Pine Creek. The tallest point in the Continental U.S. loomed above us. We had our sights fixed on the summit of Mt. Whitney, which if we couldContinue reading “East Face of Mt. Whitney”

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